Sunday, September 24, 2006

Twenty Ways To Save Energy

Beyond the ecology and money savings associated with saving energy, there's the whole nagging reliance on other government thing.

One quick look around and you see our country embroiled in multiple conflicts, both physically and rhetorically, with oil producers who use our oil weakness to their advantage. Our oil reliance pumps petro profits into nations which often use said dollars to arm themselves with a multitude of weaponry (good for weapon producers, bad for soldiers and civilians).

I guess it's up to us, the citizenry, to cut our nation's oil reliance since the politicians don't have the guts to piss off the corporation's who pay for the politician's election campaigns. Think about this for one minute.

If oil consumption dropped by one third, do you think prices would come down?

Coshocton, you can start today. Here's a Consumer Reports list of twenty ways to conserve energy.


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