Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Twentieth Century Travel In Coshocton

September 1911--In early September, Coshoctonians awoke to a buzzing motorcycle like sound above them. Sailing 500 ft. above Coshocton, two men in a Wright bi-plane moved through the early morning sky at about 50-60 miles per hour.

The Coshocton Daily Age waxed poetic about the sight claiming "twentieth century travel is here" and "the days of miracles are not past". The paper described the aeroplane as a "great and stately bird".

The plane, purchased by wealthy Ohioan Albert Elton, was purchased in Dayton and flown to Columbus. The following morning, Elton set out for Youngstown, but due to heavy winds, ended up in Newark. Once again, Elton took the plane up and headed toward Coshocton, but landed in Trinway. Darkness and wind kept the plane grounded until the next morning when Elton passed over Coshocton on his way to Youngstown.


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