Monday, September 11, 2006

Major Storm Wreaks Havoc In County

September 1911--A major storm blew threw the area and flooded many areas throughout Coshocton County. Creeks were out their banks, bridges washed out, and railroad traffic came to a screeching halt.

Farmer Martin Hughes was one of many who lost animals to the rapidly rising water. According to the Coshocton Daily Age, while Hughes worked in his barn, he heard a "sullen roar" and looked up to see an avalanche of water rushing down Mill Creek. Before he had time to react, Hughes found himself waist deep in water. His chickens, corn crib, hay, and buggies were swept away by the surging water. Hughes saved his horses, but lost pigs and sheep.

Also, near Keene, three bridges were washed out.

Fresno was cut off by the flooding and the house of Judge Philabaum was under water on the lower floors.

The nearby town of Gnaddenhutten closed school due to flooding.

Baltic was practically under water and the sidewalks were washed away.

Numerous lightning strikes set homes on fire and, in one instance, a lightning bolt struck within six feet of a child's bed.

All told, the storm caused thousands of dollars in damage.


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