Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keith Olbermann Seeks The Truth

Politics. Roll that word around in your mouth a couple of times. Doesn't taste too good, does it?

Yet, politics is a cornerstone of our society. From the workplace to PTA's to the halls of Congress, the unpleasant side of politics are unavoidable.

Regardless of what side of the spectrum you hail, it is commonplace to point the finger and cry foul when someone espouses a different view. We paint one another with names like "commie", "far left liberal", "fascist", "right wing nut job", and the forever popular, "nazi". I've oft wondered had there been no World War II, what names the politicos would hurl toward one another.

I feel this creates a huge truth chasm.

It's impossible to view a news report without someone tarring the network or reporter with a label. During the Iraq debacle, I've watched the New York Times be accused of pandering to the Bush propaganda machine's march to Iraq and, on the coin's opposite side, be attacked as a left wing, non-patriotic craprag that should be shut down for sedition. Which is it?

Of course, this had always been the modus operandi for politicians and their respective parties.

Which leads me to this...what happens when a news reporter steps forward with an eloquent story or broadcast which points out the truth? What happens when the voices of an Edward R. Murrow are silenced? Will our society suffer when people can no longer challenge the oft misguided status quo? I hope your answer was yes.

With this in mind, here are two pieces done by Keith Olbermann. The first, "We Have Not Forgotten, Mr President", addresses President Bush on 9-11.

The second, "Feeling Morally, Intellectually Confused? addresses Donald Rumsfeld's recent speech.

Both are eloquently stated and speaking a truth which is rare to find these days. I'm certain that people will brand these speeches as "liberal", but put your politics aside and study Olbermann's words. I suspect, in years to come, historians will look back at this time and recognize the importance of what Olbermann is saying. Let's hope so, anyway.


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