Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jack The Peeper Terrorizes Coshocton

September 1908--Local women found themselves under the watchful eye of a person dubbed, by the Coshocton Daily Times, as "Jack The Peeper".

One woman, Miss Helen McNichols, was so frightened by the "Peeper" that she ran from her house in a full blown hysteria. As she ran from the house, she knocked over chairs and a table. Once outside she ran through and destroyed a flower bed and plunged through a hedge of vines.

Once help arrived, she fainted while screaming. The paper reported that it took a full half hour to calm down Miss McNichols. The area was searched, but no traces of "Jack the Peeper" was found.

Two weeks prior to the McNichols incident, a man entered a residence on North Tenth St. at 2 a.m. When confronted, the man acted intoxicated, but once set free, he quickly left the area. Authorities believed the two incidents were connected.


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