Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Find Great Barbeque At City Barbeque

Back in May, I wrote a piece about barbeque and a handful of mail order Q options.

I mentioned one Ohio joint, City Barbeque, but had yet to visit said Q joint.

Well, that's changed, as I've been there four times in the past six weeks. Whenever we travel through Columbus, we find ourselves making a detour to City Barbeque in Gahanna.

How good is City Barbeque? The brisket rates as better than most places I've visited. It's lean, tender and moist. Mrs. CTCN loves the Carolina pulled pork and fresh brewed sweet tea. Little CTCN loves the tender ribs. City's meat has a nice smokey flavor without numbing your mouth

City Barbeque smells like a barbecue restaurant while blues music fills the air. It's a down home joint with paper towel napkins, a heap of side dishes like fresh cut fries, corn bread, and the cobbler of the month. Prices are reasonable and they have an extensive take home service which we use every visit.

Head to City Barbeque for the real deal and make sure you have a couple extra expandable notches on your belt.


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