Thursday, September 14, 2006

Alcohol Bracelets Clamp Down On Booze Hounds

In South Dakota, according to the Associated Press, the state's attorney general will be testing alcohol detecting bracelets to monitor repeat drunken drivers.

I found a couple of interesting tidbits in the story. First, the story says this product is being used in 37 states. Has anybody out there experienced this technology?

Second, this seems to be a scarlet letter of sorts. While I don't advocate that repeat offenders should be allowed to drink and drive, I'm wondering what type of fall out occurs when a person shows up at work with one of these things on. Yes, it's fitted around your ankle, but wouldn't this be noticed? A judge is quoted in the article saying he feels the bracelets are "an excellent tool to keep them (offenders) sober, keep them employed."

How well does this technology work and what do attorney's think? What happens if the technology doesn't work properly?

Also, since the bracelet monitors vapors from your skin, does this mean you'll get a visit from the police if you're at home drinking a few beers and watching a football game?

One more thing. How does an unemployed person pay for the daily monitoring fee? Does the state run up a tab and put the person into perpetual debt?


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