Monday, August 07, 2006

Want Music? Head to The Hype Machine

Ever since Sam Goody's closed here in Coshocton, people have been left jonesing for new music.

Of course, multiple online sites exist and some are actually good. In fact, so many exist, that you can get lost.

Over the next few days, I'll present CTCN readers with a handful of music sites; some pay, others free. I'll link you to label sites, blogs, and legal download sites. What you won't find are music sites about which everyone knows; sorry I-Tunes.

First up: The Hype Machine, a music blog aggregator. The music listed can be listened to, purchased (I-Tunes, E-Music), and often downloaded from the originating blog. The tunes lean toward indie rock, but often, genres can vary wildly. You won't an abundance of major label fodder, but you can find live stuff from major label artists. There's always a large selection and, in this format, you can experiment and try out new music


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