Friday, August 18, 2006

Robin Williams, Monty Python, Darth Vader
and Richard Dawson on Friday Morning LaffFest

I'm going to start the Friday morning LaffFest with a clip of Richard Dawson on Family Feud. A contestant gives a wacky answer and Dawson busts out laughing and can't stop.

Video #2 has a guy dressed as Darth Vader waking up his wife at 2 a.m. Now understand, if my wife woke up and I was standing there like Darth Vader swinging a light saber, I'm gonna get divorced. No marriage counselor, no trial separation--flippin' divorced. And I don't want to get flippin' divorced.

Video #3 has Trey Parker and Matt Stone doing a South Park tribute to Monty Python. Hilarious.

Finally, for my wife, an oldie but goodie. Ummm, not my wife, but the video. Robin Williams does Elmer Fudd doing Bruce Springsteen.


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