Thursday, June 15, 2006

Roscoe Village and Matilda Wade's Ghost

September 1848--For Roscoe Village resident Matilda Wade, it was an autumn day; a day like many others. In 1848, the drudgery of washing laundry, in a hotel basement, would have been back breaking physical labor. There were no automatic machines or easy-to-do multitasking laundry procedures. There were no elevators to help carry the heavy laundry up and down from the third floor.

But on this day, while doing laundry, Matilda Wade was murdered and dropped down the hotel's cistern. Blood on the laundry room floor indicated foul play. Blood by the cistern pointed to Matilda Wade's demise.

According to the Coshocton Tribune, John Gearhart was charged with Matilda's murder and died in prison three months after his arrival. Legend has it he was an innocent man.

Not much is known about Matilda Wade's murder. What was the motive? If John Gearhart was indeed innocent, who killed Matilda?

People claim that Matilda's ghost haunts the building where she died. It's said if you visit the area near the filled in cistern, you'll feel a chill. The same chill can be felt near the laundry room.

One person whom I've interviewed says she feels Matilda's presence on the third floor. In fact, the whole building gives her the chills. Also, she claims she had no prior knowledge of Matilda Wade's murder.

You can visit the building in Roscoe Village. The building houses Coffee Co., I Can Only Imagine, and Liberty Pottery.

UPDATE: Recently, I've spent time walking the Roscoe Village cemeteries in search of MatildaWade's gravestone. As of yet, I've not located her marker.


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