Saturday, June 03, 2006

Put Your Cat Claws On

Back in the day when Coshocton newspapers had competition, it wasn't unusual for the competing papers to be catty. In a Coshocton Daily Times, June 1900 edition, the mini-headline reads Tredway, The Ingrate. The story about Garrett Treadway says he's been "bribed by a promise", that he speaks untruthfully, and that "he has signed a confession, printed in the Bulletin, which brands him a liar and an ingrate."

The Democrat and Standard, in June 1902, wrote "It is respectfully suggested to the Age (Coshocton Daily Age) that they refrain and abstain from ghrinding out any more such stuff. It is too Williebamerish in style and purpose to be worked off an unoffending community, at this season of the year. Aa few more claptrap paragraphs of the above brand may necissitate us calling the Age editors into a friendly seance..."



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