Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey, It Feels Like National Chocolate Eclair Day

I don't know where to tell you to purchase a good eclair. I haven't found any. You can try to make your own. Maybe, CTCN readers could recommend a good place to purchase one. Anyhow, here's a list of:

Things You Can Do With A Chocolate Eclair

  • Stuff a chocolate eclair into the tailpipe of the surveillance vehicle parked across the street. Drive your car around the block. Laugh out loud as their car sputters and chokes. Walk up their window and say, "I thought you guys weren't going to fall for the chocolate eclair in the tailpipe gag again."
  • Bring a box of chocolate eclairs to your next family gathering. Taunt your diabetic Uncle Earl. "Hey Uncle Earl...remember when you stole ten bucks from my piggy bank...I'll bet you'd love to have a chocolate eclair...I think I'll eat your fluffy...mmm chocolate."
  • Substitute a chocolate eclair for a football at your next meeting of the Living Room Football League. Hang multiple blank artist canvas on your walls. Bone up on your aerial game. Name the resulting art work series, "Pollock Plays Football".
  • Take eclairs on your next fishing expedition. It's well known in these parts that if you want to catch a better class of fish, you need to use a pretentious French pastry for bait. By the way, if you're wanting to catch the elusive Muskingum buck toothed fish, you'll need to use Ding Dongs or Ho Ho's for bait.


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