Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey Governor, You're Paying Too Much For Your Long Distance Service!

Those wacky telemarketers have been calling secret Homeland Security phone lines and pitching government officials with offers for new phone service to time share condos.

Can you imagine Ohio governor Bob Taft's indignation when a telemarketer calls the secret line and offers an investment in...ummm...rare coins?

Now, governors are listing their super secret lines with the FTC National Do Not Call Registry. Of course, this means they'll continue receiving calls from politically affiliated organizations and trooper associations.

Maybe...they could install caller ID on the phones. If the designated Homeland Security number doesn't appear, they'll know it's a telemarketer. This works unless they're using the phone line for other providing the number as a private line to lobbyists, donors, not-so-significant others, and New York Times reporters.

You, too, can register your phone number, home and cell, with the National Do Not Call Registry.


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