Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fireworks Safety Month: Are Your Habits Unsafe?

With the 4th of July close, I wanted to remind you that June is Fireworks Safety Month. Fireworks are serious business and if you light 'em up, follow safety guidelines. Test your firework knowledge. Here are the answers.

Five Indications You May Have Unsafe Firework Habits
  • You're about to light an "End of the Earth" Roman Candle duct taped together by your three fingered Uncle Earl.
  • With the "Duck and Cover" theme song playing on your kid's boom box, you dip fuses in lighter fluid and cut them down to "little nubbins".
  • Your right thumb landed two counties over after last year's New Year's Eve "I'm Proud To Be A Simian" fireworks extravaganza.
  • You love to play "Huntin' Gallery" by shooting bottle rockets at passing motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and "them damn crows".
  • Your dad's 4th of July mantra was "Not re-light a firework! What are you...a girlie-man?"


Anonymous said...

If the Mortar doesn't fire in 30 seconds, cup your hands around the top and peer into the tube to see if there is still a spark. I always liked that one.

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