Friday, June 09, 2006

Election 2004: What Happened In Ohio?

Regardless of your politics, here's a must read Rolling Stone article regarding the 2004 election and what happened in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

And I am sure these are all well documented facts. If this were true, and actual evidence existed, the Kerrys and Kennedys would have launched the biggest congressional investigation in the history of our country. My Grandma was funny, she always believed everything in print including the National Enquirer. But God rest her soul, she thought the Moon walk was filmed on a Hollywood set.
I betcha no dead Democrats voted in Chicago though! Did they John Fitzgerald............Why thank you Mr. Daley, oh and don't forget one famous headline (gotta believe it if they printed it) "DEWEY WINS"

Anonymous said...

Well let's see, an Op Ed written by left wing journalists who rely on Op Eds by other likely left wing journalists. My college English professor would have never allowed me to publish a thesis with 200 newspaper articles as foot notes. But those silly boys at Rolling Stone probably dropped out of college in pursuit of a career in sensational journalism.

Randy M. Combs said...

Hee haw, where to start.

Those silly boys at Rolling Stone stayed in college in pursuit of draft deferrment and a dime bag.

Congressional investigation? I doubt it. Let's face it, a Republican is a Democrat and a Democrat is a Republican. They're all a bunch of rich boy power brokers selling off to the highest bidder. I laugh when I hear the phrase "protecting your interests." Both parties have long proven that they're corrupt and suckling the corporate teat; it's just they've become even more brazen about the theft of your tax dollars and sell off of your future.

BTW, the moon walk was filmed in the Arizona desert...that's why the moon has cacti.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article written by someone who actually spent some time researching the subject:

It basically debunks the whole Kennedy article but since the far left is just as the far right at capable at cherry picking who they listen to it won't get any media attention.

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