Thursday, June 08, 2006

Designer Urinals: Solution to Tourism Woes?

Malaysia's idea to upgrade the look of urinals could catch on here in Coshocton.

Think about the tourism angle. You could walk into the Sport Zone's bathroom and there could be a Dale Earnhardt car trunk replica toilet. Deer head urinal's would be all the rage. Of course, McDonald's would have Hamburglar urinals and Coffee Co. could have a coffee cup urinal. Coshocton could become the designer urinal capital of the world! What a relief!


Anonymous said...

How about an Ann Coulter-shaped urinal? Or wouldn't you do that even if her insides were on fire?

Anonymous said...

A mullet shaped urinal?

Randy M. Combs said...

The Coulter urinal has possibilities..
I call dibs on the patent.

Don't you get enough mullet around here?

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