Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coshocton Dental Professional Circa 1842

1842--The Coshocton Democrat, while an interesting newspaper to peruse, didn't feature much in the way of local news. Instead, the paper reads more like a political rhetoric fest.

Nonetheless, with a little digging through the adverts, interesting stuff pops up:

Preserve Your Teeth
Dr. D. Clark
Surgical and Mechanical Dentist
Has located at Coshocton, as a resident dentist, and is
prepared to perform any operations upon the teeth
that may be necessary. He flatters himself
that he can and will give satisfaction
to all who may favor him with a call
at the office of Dr. A. L. Cass.
Now, I suppose Dr. Clark seemed like a nice guy, but I suspect that 1842, you might have a little sadism lurking beneath your personality. This dated prior to nitrous oxide and the term "surgical and mechanical dentist" makes you think of someone who'll rip your teeth from your head and give your wagon a good flossing.


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