Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beer Related Health Problems Vanish

June 1883--An interesting classified ad selling Benson Capcine Porous Plaster appeared in the paper. The ad read:

Concerning This Popular Beverage Two Men Express Their Minds

"The fact is sir, and you may stick a pin there, that the people of this country are likely to be drowned in a flood of lager beer," shouted an enthusiastic teetotaler into the ear of your cornered correspondent. "The German drink has struck us hard. It is the second deluge."

"Yes, and the worst of this beer-drinking business is that it gets up kidney troubles, as a heavy wind raises the waves," added a city physician, who had a knowledge of the times and a tendency to metaphor. The midnight schooner leaves behind it a wake of furred tongues, headaches, torpid livers, nausea, and all that and lays the foundation of Bright's Disease."

This melancholy fact accounts in part for the increasing sales of BENSON'S CAPCINE POROUS PLASTER, which at once mitigates these symptoms. Price 25 cents. Ask your physician about it. Seabury & Johnson, Chemists, New York

What mysterical magical properties lie within the product? The company did have narcotic based products which included cocaine and medicinal cannabis within a number of their products.


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