Friday, May 12, 2006

Sticky Fingers Dip Into Judge Voorhee's Pocket

May 1912--If you want to stay out of jail, you should never pick the pocket of Coshocton Judge Voorhees. At least, that's the lesson Harvey Porter, alias Homer Ransom learned the hard way.

Porter and three of his pals, reputed to be members of a Chicago gang, jostled the judge while on a train in Coshocton. The judge then realized he was thirty dollars lighter and arrests were made. The "dips" posted bail and left Coshocton. The chase was on.

Two years later, after being incessantly tailed by Pinkerton agents, Porter was nabbed in Cleveland doing what he did best; "dipping" into some sap's pocket and absconding with said sap's funds. But this time, Cleveland police nabbed Porter and shipped him back to Coshocton to stand trial.


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