Monday, May 01, 2006

New Bourbon For Sale

May 1912--Classified ads often tell a communities unfiltered story. You find interesting items you wouldn't normally read on the front page, and it's all for sale.

McManus' Old Stand places an ad extolling their main benefit "Everything New". What did McManus sell? They hawked Pennsylvania rye whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, beer, and wine.

Of course, this begs the question of who, in their right mind, would buy used beer, whiskey, or wine? Again, they offer the "everything new" as their competitive advantage so who, in Coshocton, sold used beer, whiskey, and wine? I want to see that ad; "Need to feed the kids and drink beer? Save your pennies by drinking USED BEER. Stop in at Uncle Manny's Used Spirit Emporium... located just behind the Coshocton Water Treatment Plant.

The McManus ad had one more benefit: home delivery. A bottle of brew or Old Grand Dad brought right to your door; now that makes me pine for the old days.


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