Wednesday, May 24, 2006

National Escargot Day

Can you purchase escargot in Coshocton? My wife queried, "Aren't they bugs?" "Nope", says I, "they're appetizers."Will Nick at Sport Zone ever feature deep fried snails as a Friday night appetizer? Should we consider this celebration a non-entity?

Should we head to our gardens and harvest a few of the slow moving critters for consumption?

How do you rear snails (especially those without tail lights)?

So you want to be a snail farmer?

How do you prepare and cook escargot?

What type of eating utensils do you require for escargot consumption?

One final question: do you now know too much about escargot?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. after reading the preparation instructions, shouldn't they be called sans cargo? Sounds like you gotta shed a lil cargo before you eat em..

Es cargo sounds like you keep their little cargo..

no poopie snails in my plate....

Randy M. Combs said...

You keep zee cargo when zee snail has been fed weeth only the finest French snail cuisine. It adds a panache to zee snail's taste, you silly American.

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