Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Curing Old Sores

May 1912--Here's ad copy for S.S.S., an old sore remedy, which appeared in the Coshocton Daily Age.

If an old sore existed simply because the flesh was diseased at that particular spot, it would be an easy matter to apply some remedy directly to the place that would kill the germs; or the diseased flesh might be removed by surgical operation and a cure effected. But the very fact that old sores resist every form of local or external treatment, and even return after being cut away, shows that back of them is a morbid cause which must be removed before a cure can result. Just as long as the pollution continues in the blood, the ulcer remains an open cesspool for the deposit of impurities which the circulation throws off...

Okay, no more. Nothing like a little fear factor motivation, eh?


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