Thursday, May 04, 2006

Batter Up: Coshocton Connections To MLB

With baseball season in full swing, I wondered about Coshocton's connection to pro ball.

Of course, everyone knows about former Giant's catcher and Diamondback's manager Bob Brenly.

Has there been anyone else? I've been poking around on the 'net and found Edgar McNabb who played one season for Baltimore, Unfortunately, he died the following season. Another Coshoctonite who played pro ball was Joe Agler. Joe started with the Washington Senators and switched to the Federal League the following season.

Newcomerstown residents Cy Young and Frank LaPorte made their way to Coshocton occasionally.

Is there anybody else? If you have any knowledge, leave a comment


Anonymous said...

Edgar McNabb was my great uncle and (his) suicide and murder of his actress girlfriend occured in Pittsburgh. She was the wife of the president of the Pacific Coast League. It was a scandle!

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