Monday, May 29, 2006

Alabama Kid Fights In Coshocton

When you talk with lifelong Coshocton residents, professional boxing matches held at Lake Park often become a topic. Of course, there were no world championship matches held here, but good fighters, most notably the Alabama Kid, cut their teeth at Lake Park.

Clarence Reeves, the Alabama Kid, fought his first Coshocton fight on May 5, 1931 winning by knock out. The Kid, according to, won 168 fights and 103 of those were by knockout. He lost 58 times and had 20 draws.

26 of the Kid's fights were in Coshocton, 22 of which he won. In 1931, he fought 13 times in Coshocton.

Later, during his long career, he would face Archie Moore twice, getting knocked out both times.


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