Friday, April 07, 2006

Sensation Is Sprung In Divorce

April 1912--The Coshocton Daily Age was never a paper to shy away from sensationalistic headlines, especially those regarding divorce. A local man, James Strain, filed for divorce, and charged his bride of six months, Cora Strain, with "an offense the nature of which is so sensational and startling that it is unprintable." The paper went on to say, "the contents of the petition are the most sensational that have been read in the local common pleas court or any other court for years."

Now, I'm curious. Did the newspaper fear the wrath of Mayor Cassingham, who loved to send people to the Canton Work House for vulgarity? Did Cora Strain commit an offense which couldn't be explained in scientific or euphemistic terminology?


Anonymous said...

How did the mayor send people to a work house? Isn't that a judge's job? (i know...he had influence)
Imagine the fun this mayor would have with today's vulgarity: people wear T-shirts with vulgarities and obscenities printed right on them! Work houses would be a growth industry.

Anonymous said...

what's vulgar? Today I drove up Chestnut St. behind a bumper sticker saying "I just drive this way to _____ you off" vulgar?
It shared space with two "we support the troops" stickers.

Randy M. Combs said...

That's a good question anonymous #1. Mayor Cassingham pulled the trigger on four other people that I've read about. I don't know if he was a judge or not. I suspect mayor's weilded more power years ago, but I could be wrong. You'd think my crack research staff would know the answer. As for me, I'd research, but I find myself mentally drained because I won't wipe my nose.

Randy M. Combs said...

BTW...I can spell wielded's W-E-E-L-D-U-D

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