Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No Indictments Returned In Roscoe Fire Demon Case

April 3, 1912--The Roscoe Fire Demon case continues to intrigue me. After hearing various witnesses, the grand jury found no cause for indictment. Who were they attempting to indict? Did the indictment die with suspect Fred Landerman?

Speaking of Fred Landerman, according to the Coshocton Daily Age, the coroner's inquest found Landerman's family negligent for not calling a physician when Landerman's drug induced stupor worsened. The family felt that Landerman's condition would improve,based on prior drug taking episodes, and didn't know of his suicidal intent. Previously, in a suicide letter sent to the Coshocton Daily Age, Landerman denied any wrongdoing in the fire demon case.


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