Tuesday, April 11, 2006

National Prepare Your Home To Be Sold Month, Part One

So, you want to sell your home? You can prepare your home this month to land the big summer sale. Here's part one of a handy sell your home checklist.

  • First, make sure you actually own your home. Your landlord won't appreciate having his rental property sold to an unwitting buyer. Next time you write a check for your home, check to see if the payee is a bank or a landlord. If you indeed own the home, proceed to the next step.
  • Remove all bed covers, sheets, Yugi-Oh sleeping bags, and rebel flags from your windows. Replace with real curtains, preferably new and unstained. This helps enhance curb appeal.
  • Pull up all faded astro turf from your yard. Re-plant or sod your yard. If you have real grass, cut grass more than once a season. Prospective buyers want to be assured their children won't disappear when playing in the yard.
  • Fill in the old swimming hole. Yes, your kids grew up around the old hole, but buyers want nice level yards; not hand dug pits which have become mosquito breeding stations.
  • Re-paint. Late twentieth century rustic paint chip au natural is no longer in vogue. Scrape and paint your home's outside. Choose one neutral color (black is not a neutral color) and freshen up your home's outside appearance. The same applies inside. While you think you third grader's Crayola wall art is cute; a buyer won't. Also, paint over any wall murals, especially any that depict day-to-day elfen life or Ozzy Osborne live and in concert. One more thing, for chrissakes, remove the mirror tiles from your bedroom ceiling.
  • Deodorize your home. Get rid of offending odors like dead pet smells (Kitty Kitty), the used NFL sweat sock collection, mildewed grandparents, and your middle eastern goat stew experiment. Have your sinuses cleared and take a big whiff of the house. If you don't like it, neither will a buyer.

Part two...later this week!


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