Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Man Files For Divorce; Claims Wife Won't Cook

April 1912--Coshocton man, W.W. Platt, filed for divorce claiming his wife wouldn't cook for him. Because his wife refused to cook, Platt says he was compelled to get his own meals, board at hotels, and stay with his daughter for three years.

I'm wondering if his wife refused to cook because:
a) he smacked his lips in a loud, animal like manner
b) because he spoke in mono-syllabic grunts and quoted humorous Old Testament passages
c) because, while dining, he told an endless number of excruciating knock knock jokes
d) she just plain didn't like him


Anonymous said...

That reminds me..what's for dinner tonight? XXOO

Randy M. Combs said...

I just hate it when Mom comments on the blog.

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