Friday, April 28, 2006

Great Poetry Reading Day

I don't recall who said "why do more people write poetry than read it?", but I suspect it has something to do with reading classic poetry in school. Americans like an easy-to-digest life. Why read and think about a poem's meaning when you can flip on the tube and watch Andy Griffith or Desperate Housewives? Man, that stuff goes down easy, doesn't it?

What is poetry? Words on paper arranged in a way to create an illusion. You can see or feel whatever you desire or you can attempt to decode the poet's meaning. Either way, you read.
Now, I can sense some learned types bristling at my suggestion, but I'm not one to offer opinions based on fact. Enough pontification.

Before today ends, head over to the Coshocton library and pick up a poetry book (give Charles Bukowski a shot). Read to your significant other, kids, grandkids, neighbors, or the greeter at Wally World. If that's too much, you can find poems at or the electronic poetry center.

Remember, tomorrow night's Open Mic Night at Coffee Co. Bring your poem and read to the crowd.


Anonymous said...

T'was brillig and the slithy tothes did gire and gimble in the wabe...(you need spell check on the comment clipboard).

Randy M. Combs said...

Spell check? What's spell check?

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