Sunday, April 16, 2006

Doctor Heeds No Speed Limit While Racing To Save Boy's Life

April 16, 1912--While the one year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gallagher was choking, threatened every minute with death Sunday night, caused by a baked bean being lodged in his throat, two automobiles whirled across the intervening two miles between the Gallagher home and Newcomerstown summoning and bringing a physician's aid. By prompt action and disregard of the state speed limit of automobiles, the child's life was saved after hard work.

The little child was attempting to eat baked beans which were on the table in front of his chair Sunday evening. One of the beans became lodged in the boy's throat and he choked. The parent's tried everything in their power to dislodge it, but their efforts were useless.

Helpless, the mother ran into the road and hailed Coyl Biter who was passing in an automobile. She told him of the trouble. Biter opened wide the throttle and speeded toward Newcomerstown, one mile away, as fast as the machine could take him. He summoned a doctor who lost no time in securing his own auto and literally flying over the road to the child's aid. When he reached the Gallagher home, the baby was weak and still choking. The physician, after several minutes hard work, succeeded in dislodging the bean and the child immediately recovered. Had the physician been delayed a few minutes longer the child would have died. (Story as appeared in the Coshocton Daily Age) For those of you who may be curious about the 1912 speed limits:

Ohio General Code of 1912, Section 12604

Whoever operates a motor cycle or motor vehicle at a greater speed than
eight miles an hour
in the business district and closely built-up portions of a municipality or more than
fifteen miles an hour
in other portions thereof or more than
twenty miles an hour
outside of a municipality,
shall be fined not more than twenty-five dollars, and, for a second offense shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than fifty dollars.


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