Sunday, March 12, 2006

Worship Of Tools Day

Here's a celebratory day of which I don't participate. I have no tool shrines, in fact, I barely own tools. When I do receive new tools (about every third Christmas), they often end up scattered between here and the Mississippi (along with socks).

I have no peg board altars filled with tools. Unlike my brother-in-law who has tools for his tools, I've never practiced tool worship which is why I often change flat tires with a screwdriver.

I must concede this: Tim Allen parlayed tool worship into a wildly successful career.

In order to celebrate, head to a local hardware store, wander the tool aisles, and breathe deeply. When the tool buzz peaks, buy a tool you'll only use once on a project you'll never finish. When you're finished, proudly display the aforementioned tool on your pegboard of unneccesary tools. That, my friends, is tool worship at it's finest.


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