Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Something On A Stick Day

Something on a stick day? Is this a celebration for corn dogs? Fudgesicles? Caramel apples? Or could we expand this holiday to move beyond culinary carnival fare? How about:

  1. Road Kill Re-Animation Stick--Watch Kitty Kitty dance. Watch Kitty Kitty the trapeze artist. Watch neighborhood kids scream.
  2. Underwear Retrieval Stick--Underwear-on-a-stick. My son throws his underwear in the corner; I pick them up with a stick. My wife says she has to pick up my underwear with a stick too, but I don't think that's funny.
  3. Bowling Ball On A Stick--Bowling in the dark doesn't impress me...bowling with a stick does.
  4. Falafel Boy On A Stick--A new spin for the old puppet on a stick. Watch Falafel Boy dance. Watch Falafel Boy lie. Watch Falafel Boy sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.
  5. Robbery On A Stick--Seriously, you can't make up stuff this good.
  6. Boogers On A Stick--Don't touch that stick; you don't know where it's been. For those of you who seek unusual recipes: bon appetite!

Find your own new uses for Something On A Stick and share them with other CTCN readers.


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