Friday, March 24, 2006

Look In The Sky: A Bird, A Plane, A UFO?

Every community needs an unexplained phenomena. A story which can be passed down through multiple generations.

"You uns gather 'round and let me tell you about the time your Granddaddy and me saw a strange light over Coshocton. Now, this was back in June of 19 hundred and 54; 'bout the same time that they found those bodies on Cletus Reese's farm. Well, anyway, hundreds of good folks saw a gawd-for-real flying saucer...right here in Coshocton. Those aliens must have liked what they seen 'cause they hung around here for a couple of hours. Flew here and flew there. Nobody really seemed to mind. A little alien wouldn't have been as scary as ol' Cletus Reese anyhow. I reckon if those little critters had landed, we would of had a big picnic right there at the courthouse square. But they didn't, and all we have left is this story. And some day when you have your own children, you can tell them about the time your Granddaddy and Grandmammy saw a real flying saucer here in Coshocton."

(Inspiration: Coshocton Tribune)


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