Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey Coshocton...Happy Potato Chip Day!

Hey ho, Idaho...a day of celebration for the king of snack food, the humble potato chip. While potato chip origins began in Saratoga, it was Ohio that gave birth to the potato chip industry and our ever expanding waist lines.

According to the World Potato Congress, over 2 million tons of potatoes are processed, every year, for chips. You can find potato chips everywhere; they permeate every societal crevice (and you know your crevices better than I). You can potato chip coat chicken or fish, make potato chip cookies or brownies, and make terriffic, tasty potato chip earrings. Of course, let us not forget that a potato chip sandwich rates as classic trailer trash cuisine. Yum!

There exist hundreds of varieties and brands. There's even a place that rates and reviews more than 900 varieties of potato chips. So, grab a bag tonight with your favorite side amenity (soda, dip, bathwater) and crunch away on potato chip day!

Take that Mr. Corn Chip!


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