Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hanging Out At Coshocton's Wordsville And Leaning On Bukowski

One of the things I love about Coshocton's Wordsville (that's 1940's hipster slang for library) is the large selection of books by poet and fiction writer Charles Bukowski. While I'm a late comer to the Bukowski party, I find his work engaging in it's ability to speak plainly. Bukowski's always been called the people's poet. He wrote about about what he knew: his day-to-day life. He made no apologies about who he was and made no compromises in his writing. You either love him or hate him; there's very little middle ground with Bukowski. They even made a movie about him.

Head over to Wordsville and ask that hip Wordsville librarian, Linda, to direct you to the Bukowski books. You might find yourself actually enjoying poetry...or not.

Charles Bukowski died on this day in 1994.


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