Friday, February 17, 2006

Then: Beer, Recruits, And Uuurrrp, Worm Candy

February, 1864--While perusing an 1864 Coshocton paper front page, three items jumped out at me.

  1. You could buy fresh beer at the Coshocton Brewery, located on the north part of 3rd St, near the Union School House.
  2. Recruits were needed for the 80th Regiment and, if you had already served, you would receive a re-enlistment bonus raising your pay to a whopping $402 dollars per month. Of course, you had to buy your own body armor.
  3. A small ad for Roush's Worm Candy, a "sure, safe, and pleasant remedy for worms." A pleasant remedy for worms? Don't you think discovering your worm problem would begin a not-so-pleasant screaming cacophony? Maybe, a few jabs of a pointed stick into the toilet bowl?
By the way, don't eat the green ones. They're not ripe yet.


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