Monday, January 23, 2006

Beggar Upsets Housewives

A beggar of the "ungenteel variety" terrorized housewives in Coshocton's southwest section (think of the well heeled on Cambridge Road) .

Apparently, the hungry gentleman found one too many "no's" in the housewife vernacular and began threatening to set afire homes and puncturing tires. In no uncertain terms, one housewife threatened to call local authorities only to receive a sneering, ungenteel "so what!"

The beggar landed in jail, and became enlightened. Two days later, authorities purchased a train ticket (with the bum's own money) and shipped him out to Trinway (about 14 miles away).

Two thoughts: did Coshocton and Trinway authorities not enjoy one another's company? Was this a game of bum one upmanship? Second: why would you buy a train ticket with the change in a bum's pocket? 14 miles could be walked in a day...or two...dependent on the bum's motivation.


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