Monday, October 16, 2006

CBGB's Sets Sail

This past week, one of CTCN's regulars, Bono Jr., sent me a link about CBGB's final weeklong gasp. I didn't post the story because I thought I'd wait until the corpse emerged.

Last night, CBGB's drew it's final breath. The punk mecca has passed.

How fitting that Patti Smith set the sail on the ship.

Yes, CBGB's will re-emerge in DisneyVegas as another branded memory? The Bowery bar oozed grimy New York and Las Vegas thrives on re-creating tourist meccas without the original's inconvenience. Think about it, you can visit Venetian canals and the Bowery...all in one evening!

Well, I hope Hilly can make a go of it in the Nevada desert. I've read that he's moving everything west; even the infamous craphole bathrooms. Can you imagine a filthy CBGB's bathroom with a row of bright, shiny one armed bandit? Me, either.


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