Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Joy Padgett Loses My Vote

Bob Ney's hand picked successor, Joy Padgett of Coshocton, secured her spot for the Republican side of the Congressional ticket by winning a special election. I guess the election was special because not many Republicans showed up to vote.

Ms. Padgett faces an uphill battle although she's in a Republican heavy district. In an era of mudslinging politics, questions about her ties to Ney and a recent family bankruptcy will keep the Democratic spin machine busy.

I've talked with people, mainly Republican types, from around the community. Padgett's popular. Everyone says she's a nice person. Heck, I've seen her around town, grocery shopping at Buehler's, and she seems like an everyday Joe. But is that enough?

Not for me.

It's her staunch loyalty to "Freedom Fries" Ney that will cost her my vote. She stood by Ney, chin held high, and didn't waver in her support.

Yes, loyalty carries weight in my book.

But when blind loyalty to a political party and a confessed criminal outweighs the interests of her district residents, then I have to, regardless of her qualifications, withhold my vote.

It started becoming obvious months prior to Ney's confession that something was amiss. Her skewed loyalty should have been used to seek the truth regarding Ney. Yet, Joy Padgett put her party interests first and that loyalty earned "Freedom Fries" nod. Her loyalty to Ney will not earn a nod from me.


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