Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Then: Teddy Roosevelt Stops In Coshocton

Feb. 21, 1912--Occasionally, I'm amazed at information I find about Coshocton's past. This is one of those times.

President Teddy Roosevelt, on his way to the Ohio Constitutional Convention in Columbus, stopped in Coshocton. According to the Coshocton Daily Age, approximately 500 people waited patiently until Roosevelt's train arrived. Apparently, Roosevelt was impressed with the large number of children who showed for his brief appearance. Roosevelt said with a grin, "Well I see Coshocton is all right on the children proposition." A crowd member responded, "Yes and they'll be ready to vote for you in 1916." Another crowd member said, "What about 1912?"

Roosevelt held out his hand to a little girl and joked with people until his train left. Later that day, he announced his intention to be a presidential candidate on the Republican ticket by saying, "My hat is in the ring."


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