Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Then: Coke Fiend Escapes From Hospital; Vengeance Feared

Feb. 19, 1912--A local cook who ended up in state hospital, escaped, and it was feared, headed back to Coshocton.

In a story that reads like a western movie, Fred Eisner, didn't like a reprimand. He pulled a gun, shot at his boss, narrowly missing the boss' head. Eisner turned himself in, and while in jail, asked for cocaine due to his addiction. According to the newspaper, Eisner got his coke, went into an epileptic fit and nearly died. A couple days later, he then set himself on fire.

Eisner was sentenced to a state hospital and before leaving, threatened to return to Coshocton and kill several of his enemies.

Much to the communities chagrin, Eisner escaped the hospital. A paranoid community, dealing with a Fire Demon, had one more demon to fear.


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