Monday, February 06, 2006

Sam Goody Closing

While returning to Coshocton yesterday, we noticed the cold individuals holding the signboard announcement "going out of business". As most Coshocton residents now know, the local Sam Goody will soon become a faint memory. Music retailers like Goody have not kept pace with the digital age and watched their business model slide into the internet victim graveyard. When Goody's parent corporation filed bankruptcy almost a month ago, it was a just a matter of time before Coshocton's store disappeared.

Now, there'll be local hand wringing about where to purchase music. My personal favorite is They have an excellent selection of independent music, blues, jazz, etc. If you need guitar stuff, head over to Wildwood Music in Roscoe Village. Yeah, he's acoustic, but it's a great shop. There's plenty of electric guitar options via the internet. That leaves books and games. For books, movies, and CD's, check out the Coshocton library. Also, check out Gamescape downtown. They have a nice selection of DVD's and games.


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