Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coshocton Orders Three Hobos Out of Town

From the 1917 front page...Coshocton orders three hobos out of town.

After speaking with a couple lifelong residents, I found that Coshocton constantly struggled with the Knights of the Road. Hobo lifestyles have long been romanticized...even Lee Marvin portrayed the rail riding hobo, A #1" in "Emperor of the North Pole". Who can forget A #1 waxing poetically, "You ain't stopping at this hotel, kid. My hotel! The stars at night, I put 'em there. And I know the presidents, all of them. And I go where I damn well please. Even the chairman of the New York Central can't do it better. My road, kid, and I don't give lessons and I don't take partners. Your ass don't ride this train!

Do you know your hobospeak?


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